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Welcome to ASEES Multilateral Platform

Welcome to ASEES Online Platform for Multilateral Projects. This e-platform aims to ease the access to bidding processes of the Multilateral Financial Institutions (MFI's), including development banks (such as the World Bank, or the Asia Development Bank), UN agencies and governments, providing a workbench for all registered users.

We provide the following set of services for registered users, which may choose between registering as a company or as an independent consultant:

  • Weekly updated list of projects related to renewable energy, energy efficiency and environment in South-East Asia.
  • Follow-up of the tendering processes.
  • Database of companies, consultants and NGO’s interested on developing international projects with all the required information for seeking potential partners.
  • Helpful information about the different MFI’s and their specific applying processes.

To start using ASEES Platform for Multilateral Projects, please choose an option from the menu above. We provide a list of selected projects than can be consulted without registration. In order to use all the services of the platform, you will need to register as a company or as an independent consultant first.